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Transformation Retreat To The Captivating City Of Cape Town ,South Africa

Why Wait To Embark On A Life-Changing Journey That Will Awaken Your Mind, Ignite Your Spirit, And Transform Your Life?

Join Renowned Transformational Speaker, Author, And International Travel Expert “Stephanie V” On An Exclusive Life Leveling Experience

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Cape Town




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Cape Town Travel Retreat


The Transformative Power Of Travel

Embarking on a transformational travel retreat with Stephanie V to Cape Town, South Africa, is not just a vacation; it’s a profound and life-changing experience. By combining personal growth workshops with immersive travel experiences, Stephanie V creates an environment where individuals can break free from limiting beliefs, gain clarity on their true passions and purpose, and create a roadmap for living a more fulfilling and authentic life.

Stephanie V’s “New Beginning Lifestyle Institute” Transformation Retreat is a Life changing pinnacle of balance, rediscovery, and reconciliation as your internal home begins to pivot into a place of peace and purpose.

This transformative retreat is designed to help you break free from limiting beliefs, gain clarity on your true passions and purpose, and create a roadmap for living a more fulfilling and authentic life.

During your time in Cape Town, you’ll have the chance to explore iconic landmarks like Table Mountain and Robben Island, indulge in delicious local cuisine, and connect with like-minded individuals who are also on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Let the allure of Cape Town beckon you, and experience a “New Beginning Lifestyle Institute” transformation travel retreat with Stephanie V. that exceeds every expectation your mind could imagine. Indulge in opulence, life changing work shops, savor exquisite gastronomy, and embark on unforgettable adventures in one of the world’s most captivating destinations. Your luxurious escape awaits amidst the breathtaking landscapes and warm hospitality of the host hotel, Southern Sun The Cullinan Hotel.

Trip Includes

Accommodations and logistics for the retreat

During the Transformational Travel Retreat with Stephanie V, you’ll be staying in handpicked accommodations that offer comfort, convenience, and a sense of luxury. Each accommodation has been carefully selected to provide a serene and peaceful environment for reflection and relaxation.

Transportation to and from activities and excursions will be provided, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. The retreat team will take care of all logistics, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the transformational journey without any worries or distractions.

  • Accommodations
  • Welcome Dinner and Reception
  • Meals: Lavish Breakfast and Dinner daily
  • Workshops and Breakout Sessions
  • Transformation Spa Treatment
  • Meditation and Breathing workshop
  • Activity Entry Fees
  • Commencement Dinner and Reception
  • Farewell Breakfast…..


All prices are based on the rates of exchange in effect at the time of price quotation. If there is a devaluation of the US dollar currency, New Beginning Lifestyle Institute Transformation Retreat reserves the right to increase prices accordingly. Your final invoice will reflect increases resulting from currency devaluation.

Make sure you check your local health department for required vaccines four months before your trip. Vaccines usually but exclusively include COVID-19 Vaccine, measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, polio vaccine, and your yearly flu shot. CDC recommends you have a checkup 4-6 weeks before your trip to get vaccines.

Trip Excludes

  • Airfare To Cape Town
  • Transportation To And From Host Hotel
  • Gratuities For Driver And Tour Guide
  • Travel Insurance
  • Items Of A Personal Nature
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Personal Room Charges Such as Phone Calls, and Room Service Charges

Trip Outline


Arrival and Welcome

  • Participants arrive in Cape Town and are greeted by Stephanie V's team.
  • Welcome dinner and introduction to the retreat.


Self-Reflection and Introspection

  • Group Breakfast
  • Ferry to Robbin Island Tour
  • Lunch by the Sea
  • Group Dinner and Recap


Cultural Immersion

  • Group Breakfast
  • Workshop
  • A High "High Tea" Good Time High Time to Table Mountain


Adventure and Challenge

  • Group Breakfast
  • Workshop held at the Warwick Winery
  • Free evening


Wellness and Self-Care

  • Group Breakfast
  • Spa, Relaxation, and Rejuvenation Day
  • Workshop (self-care and well-being).
  • Group Dinner and Recap


Personal Growth and Empowerment

  • Group Breakfast
  • Workshop (Your life CAD drawing) Create and design your future.
  • Group Breakout sessions
  • Farewell dinner and celebration.



  • Group Breakfast
  • Final reflections and farewells.
  • Pre-registration for your Next "New Beginning Lifestyle Institute" Transformational Travel Retreat with Stephanie V
  • Airport transfers for participants.

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