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We are committing to win.

My Rising From The Floor book and Transformational learning curriculum will assist in creating the life you deserve. If you’re willing to do the work.

With a combination of my own personal devasting life displacement called divorce I became more resilient with each trial and each challenge, and all my experiences from others as well as my story was the beginning of what is now known as the “New Beginning By Design Series, a set of modules to transform the lives of others.

You can live the life you were designed to live; you can live a purposeful life; You can live an intentional life.

What is different you ask, about the book and material offered in Rising From The Floor.

The difference is in the processes of how you’re going to learn to transform.

Filling your mind with a lot of words that have become sentences, that have created long paragraphs, that have turned into pages and all you do is read and it’s just another self-help book.

Well. Rising From The Floor. A New Beginning by Design Series. Is a read with an audio.

This process truly transcends into you and then, It will radiate from within you and grasps your soul.

Transformation is a process and cannot be rushed, so do not rush, take your time, and put mindful, intentional work. We’re not in a race. We are committing to win.

Stephanie V. Harvey,
Stephanie V. Harvey,

Residential General Contractor, Lifestyle Designer, Transformation Speaker, and former Interior Designer to the stars, professionally known as Stephanie V. transforms and reconstructs homes from ordinary to extraordinary with a passion for all things plush and personal.

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